Travel Information

Directions to the hotels and conference venue:

Assuming that you have made it to Denmark, you may follow these directions to your hotel. You will most likely have been landing in either Aarhus Airport, Billund Airport or Copenhagen Airport. Alternatively, you will have come by train to the central Train Station. The following directions will take you from one of these airports to the central Train Station:

From Aarhus Airport:

An airport shuttle bus leaves from just outside the terminal building. It is route no 925X. The fare is DKK 100 for a one way ticket for the 50 minutes ride to the Train Station. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver. The timetable of the buses is synched with departures and arrivals, so there will be a bus shortly after your arrival. Taxis are rather expensive, and only slightly faster. A taxi ride will cost about DKK 650. The shuttle bus terminates at the Train Station.

From Billund Airport:

There is an airport bus from Billund Airport, route 912X. The ride takes about 1,5 hours and costs DKK 140 one way. Tickets are bought from the bus driver. Unfortunately, buses from Billund are not as frequent and convenient as from Aarhus Airport. The time table can be found here:

You should get off at the Train Station in Aarhus. Ask the driver! There are other train stations along the way, so make sure you get off at the correct one.

Note that some departures are with 913X and a change of bus in Silkeborg. This will take you to the Bus Station rather than the Train Station.

Unless a bus is available, a taxi is the only option. This is a very expensive way of getting to Aarhus. The price is usually around DKK 1500.

From Copenhagen Airport:

There are direct trains from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus. Currently, the fastest way to get from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus is to take the ICL train, which leaves once per hour. The trip takes about 4 hours currently, due to rail works along the way. The price of a one way ticket is DKK 382. It is recommended to buy a seat reservation as well for DKK 30. Tickets are bought at the station from either the vending machines or the staff.

Once in Aarhus:

A map is attached which shows the various locations relevant to the participants. Everything should be within walking distance. Otherwise, taxis and buses are available in Aarhus.

For all public transportation needs in Denmark, the web site will supply you with timetables and prices. Just enter the origin, destination and desired time of departure/arrival, and the site will give you the closest available approximation to your travel wishes.