Selected lecture: slides

Semchankau Aliaksei "Maximal subsets avoiding arithmetical progressions in sets"
Dmitriy Bilyk "Uniform distribution problems on the sphere"
Rafał Bystrzycki "New bounds for sums of dilates" (joint work with T. Schoen)
Edward Dobrowolski "Mahler's measure of polynomials with bounded number of terms"
Lenny Fukshansky "On two constructions of extremal lattices"
Ramunas Garunkštis, Rokas Tamošiunas "Symmetry Of Zeros Of Lerch Zeta-function for Equal Parameters"
Dmitry Gayfulin "Attainable numbers and the Lagrange spectrum"
Gyula O.H. Katona "An improvement on the intersecting shadow theorem"
Sandor Kiss "On the structure of sets which has coincide representation functions"
Maxim A. Korolev "On the estimates of Kloosterman sums. Small flowers to bouquet to jubilee"
Eugenijus Manstavičius "On the order statistics of component sizes of a random combinatorial structure"
Dezsõ Miklós "The Vertex Sign Balance of (Hyper)graphs"
Nikolay Moshchevitin "On some open problems in Diophantine Approximation"
Radhakrishnan Nair "On Weyl's Theorem On Uniform Distribution And Ergodic Theorems"
Peter Pal Pach "Polynomials and progression-free sets"
Fedor Petrov "Group Algebra and the Structure of Product Set"
Joel Rivat "On the digits of primes and squares"
Anne de Roton "Small sumsets in R"
Johannes Schleischitz "Classical exponents of Diophantine approximation"
Dmitry Shabanov "The Erdős-Hajnal problem on colorings of hypergraphs, its on-line generalizations and related questions" (joint work with Alina Khuzieva and Polina Svyatokum)
Raivydas Simenas "Zero free regions of the derivative of the Lerch zeta-function"
Gediminas Stepanauskas, Jonas Siaulys "Limit Distributions for Some Sets of Additive Functions"
Sophie Stevens "Incidence theorems in F^2"
Leonhard Summerer "Simultaneous Approximation and associated spectra"
Yohei Tachiya "On algebraic relations between the values of the theta function" (joint work with Carsten Elsner and Florian Luca)
Jörg M. Thuswaldner "Discrepancy bounds for beta-adic Halton sequences"
Anatolii M. Vershik "Combinatorics of infinite Jeu de Taquin ("15") and random Young tableaux: interrelation of combinatorics and probability"
Aleksei Volostnov "Sums of Multiplicative Characters with Additive Convolutions"